Bomb Threat At Maine Maritime Academy, the safety of our  students,
   Crime Prevention  faculty and staff is always at the top of our agenda.
   General Safety  
   Reporting suspicious activities  
   Resident Hall We make available the information and resources that members of the
   Safety & Security  campus community can rely upon to help make their environment safe.
   Sexual Assault  
   Suspicious People  
We are committed to providing the Maine Maritime Academy community with a safe and pleasant environment in which to live, work and pursue an education.    
The Office of Safety  also adheres to the Wetterling Act, the  Clery  Act and in doing so has posted the Public Log, and made available the Maine State Sex Offender Registry.  This registry may be viewed in the safety office upon request.


    Public Log Safety Emergency Number - 207-326-2479 or ext. 2479 (on Campus)
   Monthly Report  
  MMA Annual Security Report