Town of Castine: Parking Information



(Note: The Town of Castine Parking Ordinance is available on the Maine Maritime Academy Homepage)



Unattended vehicles (Section 2.26 of the town Traffic Ordinance)


No vehicle shall be left unattended in an otherwise unrestricted parking area on Main Street from Court Street to Water Street and Water Street from Pleasant Street to Green Street, for more than twenty-four (24) hours.




Exceptions (Section 2.28 of the town Traffic ordinance)


A property owner, {his} tenants and their guests are exempt from the time limits established by 2.26 when parked on the street directly in front of said property.


In order to take advantage of the exception in 2.28, tenants on Main Street (from Court south to Water) and Water Street (from Pleasant to Green) must present their lease and vehicle registration to the town office at Emerson Hall on Court Street.  The town hall will inform the parking enforcement officer when the exception has been validated.