Vehicle Requisitions

Maine Maritime Academy does not presently own any vans which can be used for trips or other school functions. Vans / vehicles now must be rented on an as needed basis. A Purchase Requisition (using standard form) must be submitted to Public Works preferably 12 working days prior to the requested pick up for 12 passenger vans  and 7 working days prior to the requested pick up of a 7 passenger van.  All drivers must be Authorized Academy Drivers and at least 25 years of age.

Please also email the following information to MMA Security ( prior to the van being picked up to help avoid issues at the time of pick up.

Driver Name, Date of Birth, Academy Driving Status (Employee, Non-Employee, Student), for all persons who will or may be driving the vehicle
Date and estimated  time of vehicle pick up                                                                                                          
Estimated  date and time of vehicle return
Estimated number of passengers

Authorized Drivers can be found using the following link -- Authorized Academy Drivers

Security Emergency Number - 207-326-2479 or ext. 479 (on Campus)
Security Non-Emergency Number - 207-326-2436 or ext. 436 (on Campus)