Illegal Possession

It is a civil violation for any person under the age of 21 to possess liquor or imitation liquor except if it is within the scope of their employment or in their home in the presence of their parents.

Fines for illegal possession are as follows:

1st offense $100.00 to $300.00

2nd offense $200.00 to $500.00

3rd or subsequent offenses $500.00


Illegal transportation of Liquor

No person under the age of 21 shall transport alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle except in the scope of their employment or at the request of their parent.  The penalties for illegal transportation are:

1st offense 30 days license suspension and a fine off no more than $500.00.

2nd offense 90days license suspension and a fine of not less than $200.00.

3rd offense one year suspension and a fine of not less than $400.00.


Public Drinking

Any Person who drinks liquor or possesses an open container in any public place, after being forbidden to do so by a law enforcement officer or within 200 feet of a conspicuously posted sign

may be fined up to $1,000.00 and sentenced up to 6 months in jail.


Illegal sale of Liquor

Any person who sales liquor without a license issued by the Bureau of Liquor Enforcement is subject to:

1st offense $300.00 to $500.00 fine and up to     30 days in jail.

2nd offense $500.00 to $1,000.00 fine and up to 60 days in jail.

3rd offense and subsequent offenses $1,000.00 fine and up to 6months in jail.


Furnishing Liquor or Imitation Liquor to a Minor

Any person who furnishes liquor or imitation liquor to a minor, or allows a minor under that persons control, or in any place under that persons control, to possess or consume liquor or imitation liquor, may be fined from $500.00 to $2,000.00 and/or sentenced from 6-12 months in jail.


The OUI (Zero Tolerance)

Any motor vehicle operator under 21 who operates or attempts to operate a motor vehicle with any alcohol in their blood,  shall have their license suspended by the Secretary of State for one year. if they have a passenger under 21 an additional 180 days suspension will be imposed.

Refusal to be tested will result in suspension of their license for at least 18 months.


Drinking in a motor vehicle - Open container

The operator of a motor vehicle commits a traffic infraction if the operator or a passenger, on a public way, consumes liquor or possesses an open container in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.


 Transportation for hire, (other than a taxi),

Living quarters of a motor home/camper,

Liquor license transporting liquor to and from a catered function.


**Minors who test .08% or more will be prosecuted for the criminal offense of Operating Under The Infulence.




Campus Safety Emergency Number - 207-326-2479 or ext. 2479 (on Campus)