Monthly Crime Update
Campus Safety

Issued February, 2009


To: Maine Maritime Academy Community

The Department of Safety investigates complaints involving Maine Maritime Academy Community. This crime update is to keep you informed of incidents reported to Security and give you crime tips and other information which, if followed, will reduce the likelihood of you becoming the victim of crime.  The classification of some reported crimes may change after investigation. All incidents will be investigated and appropriate action taken. This will include administrative action, criminal action, or cases being referred to the Commandant's Division and or Residential Life. If you have any question about this document or any other inquiry, please contact  326-2479 or Email;

Remember lock your doors, 99% of everything lost was because of unlocked doors.

Please be careful when walking in town or on campus late a night.

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MMA Annual Security Report

Three-Year Incident reports  

Clery Act Crime Definitions

Clery Act Location Definitions

Safety Emergency Number - 207-326-2479 or ext. 2479 (on Campus)