Maine Maritime Academy
Community Policing Program

When Director Thomas Perkins was hired as Director of Security in the fall of 2006, his vision for the Security Department included the introduction of The Community Policing Philosophy.  As a supervisor for the Maine State Police at the Orono Barracks, Director Perkins was able to witness the success of Community Policing Philosophy at work through the University of Maine Public Safety Department. Before the Community Policing Philosophy could be implemented successfully, the Security Officers attended training by Chief Noel March, a world renowned expert on the Community Policing Philosophy and Chief of the University of Maine Public Safety Department.

Officer Michael Roi, volunteered to act as the Community Policing Officer, nurturing open communication, honesty, and understanding, between Students and the Security Department. Officer Roi, a natural for the position, with his approachable, friendly, yet firm and fair manner. Using a philosophy of life is full of “knowledge bumps”, which should get your attention but not necessarily cause you to have to leave the road.  Since initiating this new philosophy, Officer Roi has made great strides in opening dialog both with the students and with the administration. Garnering respect from both sides of the equation, Officer Roi has elevated not only the level of service to students offered from the Security Office, but has assisted in helping other departments do so as well.

The Security Department put on three free barbecues during the last school year.


The first BBQ was put on by Security, with the assistance of Residential Life Staff. Security had even more help for the next two BBQs, when not only did Residential Life Staff come and help, but we were also joined by Members of the Castine Fire Department. Each BBQ served an estimated 200-300 students. Although it is hard to say who enjoyed the BBQs more the servers or those being served.

Avoiding the hang'em high philosophy, the Security department has turned to a philosophy of encouraging personal growth. As Officer Roi would say, turning those knowledge bumps into lessons, not just punishments. Director Perkins and Officer Roi are now working directly with several students, who have been found guilty by the MMA Judicial system. Part of the decision of the Judicial Board, has included a requirement to work a designated number of hours with the Security Department. These students so far have been assigned projects, which are designed to help the students learn from their mistakes and possible help other learn from their mistakes as well. One example of these projects is a power point presentation designed for the first year students, based on what the students would like to have known when they started school this year.